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Vendor Risk Assessment Services. 

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Now more than ever, adversaries are exploiting vulnerable third-party vendors to attack organizations like yours. Whether leveraging a vendor’s remote access, compromising network or email accounts, or manipulating a software update, attackers can bypass traditional defenses with third-party and supply chain attacks. 

To help you secure your supply chain, identify risk and recommend additional safeguards, SecureCrest can: 

1. Perform a vendor cybersecurity assessment to     evaluate the risk and resilience of third-party vendors. 

2. Strengthen cybersecurity requirements in vendor contracts

3. Conduct a targeted assessment for a pending merger or acquisition to provide transparency to deal participants

4. Tune monitoring and detection capabilities to swiftly identify supply chain attacks

Take actionable steps to mitigate threats and mature your security. Evaluate third-party vendor risk
Contact Securecrest now. Our seasoned security experts are ready to help.

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