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Start a career in Cybersecurity  

Why Cybersecurity?

  1. Excellent Salary

  2. Unlimited Growth

  3. Huge Demand

  4. Upward Mobility

  5. 0% Unemployment rate

How we can help

We have designed a live instructed led online program that goes for 10 weeks and teaches you the basics you need to get started in a cybersecurity career. ​At the end of the 10 weeks you will sit for the CompTIA Security+ certification. An entry level cybersecurity certificate that is recognized by employers worldwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions; 

1. Who is teaching the course? 
Our course is taught by university professors 

2. When does the live online class meet? 
The online live class meets 3 times a week in the evening. There is also office hours for students that need extra help. 

3. Do I need to know tech stuff? 
Nope! We will teach you what you need to pass the Security+ Cert

4. How much is the course? 
The 10 week live instructor led course is $2,499. Payment plans are available to those who need it. 

5. How many students are in the class with me? 
There will be around 30-40 students per class

6. How do I prepare for the Security+ cert
Your instructor will help you get ready for the exam. There are weekly quizzes and exams after each lecture. We also have office hours so you can ask questions. Lastly, we have exam banks that will prep you for the exam. 

Ready to Learn More? Talk to us 

Start your Career in Cybersecurity

Thank you for your interest an admission rep will reach out to you within 24 hours. 

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