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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform that works. Reduce phishing and ransomware attacks, by training your employees on cyber threats.

Get your free demo today. 

See for yourself why hundreds of clients rely on our security awareness training platform, to educate their employees about cyber threat, and reduce to phishing and ransomware attacks. 

After going through our training, our clients report a 95% reduction in phishing and ransomware attacks. 

With our security awareness training platform, you'll be able to; 


  • Immediately start training employees with ready-made training programs

  • Improve your company security awareness and change employee behavior

  • Deliver lessons to desktop or mobile

  • Assign quizzes to reinforce learning 

  • Continuously train employees with new videos every month

See for yourself! Fill out the form to schedule a free demo customized for your specific security awareness needs, or email us at

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