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Our Security Awareness Training Gets Results

Our security awareness training platform has helped our clients reduce the risk of phishing and malware attacks by up to 90%. By simply training employees on cyber threats, we can change their behavior, which results in less cyber risk stemming from human error (i.e. clicking on phishing emails, and downloading malicious files).

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We provide training materials in the form of short and inspiring security awareness videos that help you inform your employees of possible risks and keep them top-of-mind. Our security awareness training videos will help you build a sustainable security culture within your company and introduce good security behavior among employees. Instead of long-winded, once-a-year lectures on everything cybersecurity-related you can send out a short video reminder weekly or monthly depending on your company’s needs.

Why our platform?

 Different. Original. Efficient.

Security awareness should not make people doze off.
It should be fun, engaging, and highly relatable.

Easy To Setup

Start your first training in just a few minutes with SecureCrest cloud-based security awareness training solution


Security awareness training doesn’t have to be boring. We made it fun and engaging

Scalable & Affordable pricing

Try it. Like it. Scale it. At every stage, we’ve made sure that you pay for only what you need.

How it works 

Setting up a successful cybersecurity awareness training is now easy with our ready-made program 


Select a training program

Choose from 12 programs recommended by our experts or create your own


Start training and track progress

Add users and start training campaigns. Robust analytics allow you to track company progress and overall security resilience increase.


Employees receive an email

Your employees receive lessons in their company inbox


Employees watch & learn

By watching our engaging and educational  videos and passing a short exam afterward, employees become aware of cybersecurity threats and become your first line of defense. 


What Our Customers Are saying

“The Security awareness training platform at SecureCrest is very easy to use. We were able to scale up and down in terms of the employees that we wanted to train. Also, the customer services team is amazing to work with ”

—  Information Security Manager, Regional hospital

“The best security awareness training platform we ever used. Easy to administer and monitor training across different teams and departments”

—  CISO, Large Bank in East Africa


Protect your business with the best security awareness training solution.  Request  a demo today. 

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